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Pink in color, the wine shows elegantly fruity and floral aromas which recall in particular jasmine and raspberries. The palate is vibrant and savory, and quite persistent as well.


Toscana IGT Rosato


Alcohol by volume:
11% vol.


85% Sangiovese, 15% other complementary varieties

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From the climatic point of view, the 2013 vintage was characterized by abundant winter and spring rainfall. The bud burst took place ten to fifteen days later than in other recent vintages, and the growth and development of the vines was rather uneven, as were the flowering and bud set, all due to rains which favored the appearance and spread of fungal diseases. The climate of the growing season required a notable commitment of time and effort to check damaging vine diseases. The summer months, instead, was characterized by scarce precipitation and temperatures which were not particularly elevated for the period. The picking of the Cipresseto grapes began in early September and lasted the entire month. The grapes were harvested with a good acidity, an important characteristic of savory and fragrant rosé wines.


The harvested grapes were destemmed and macerated on their skins in the press for several hours, then pressed in a very delicate manner. The must was chilled to a temperature of 50° Fahrenheit (10° centigrade) to favor a natural settling of the impurities. After 48 hours, the must went into stainless steel tanks where it fermented at temperatures held to a maximum of 59° Fahrenheit (15° centigrade); the wine was then held at a temperature of 50° Fahrenheit in stainless steel tanks; the preparation in small batches before bottling - at 11° alcohol - assisted in maintaining crispness and perfume.


Cipresseto was given this name – which recalls the cypress trees which dot the Tuscan landscape in 1998 - to underline its Tuscan character and was one of the first rosé wines to be produced in Italy. Today it is a wine closely tied to the vineyards which supply its grapes and, as such, reflects a production philosophy based on quality at every level of price. The wine, in fact, is a concrete example of how fine quality can be achieved along with excellent value to consumers and wine lovers.